Here you can learn about fractions in a fun and interactive way. With the help of these educational fraction games, you can practice simplifying, adding, and subtracting and making equivalent fractions.

Play and learn with the latest fraction games in class at school, at home or on your mobile or tablet. These games are specially made to better learn to calculate with fractions. Go on exciting adventures, discover new places and help your friends while you are learning. Before the game starts you can choose the subject and level of the questions, making it fun for everyone to participate. The topics that come back in the games are multiplying fractions, dividing fractions, adding fractions, subtracting, simplifying and making them even.

While playing these games you can earn all kinds of fun things such as coins, medals, stars and trophies. To earn these you must try to pass as many levels as possible in the game. In these levels you have to avoid all kinds of obstacles, solve puzzles or do assignments by solving fractions. Collect all diamonds and stars. Earn coins by answering questions correctly. If you go further and want to get all the prizes, the level will become a lot more difficult. So keep practicing and look at the explanation if necessary. After playing, also look at your mistakes and write them down so that you will pass the level next time.

In the game Wilson's Fractions you need to clean the ocean. You can only do this by giving the right answers! This is a type of bubble game. You get a lot of sums in a short time.