Wilson's Fractions

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Dive deep into the sea and go on a maths adventure with Wilson the turtle! Wilson the turtle needs your help because the ocean is filled with coloured pots. So in addition to solving fractions, the ocean needs to be cleaned. These pots have all kinds of colours like blue, green, and red. Get all the pots out of the ocean by combining 3 of the same colour. Shoot a red pot at 2 other red pots so they disappear. In this game you can do 4 kinds of exercises with Wilson: Simplifying fractions, making denominators the same, adding fractions, and subtracting fractions.

When you start this game, you first need to choose a subject. When you choose a subject, you see an explanation and then you can start at level 1. When you start the level you first need to solve a fraction. If the fraction is correct, you get to shoot 3 pots. With every turn and 3 wrong answers, you get a new layer. The goal is to answer all the fractions correctly and remove all the pots. When you have too many layers and the pots no longer fit in the square, you're game over and have to start again.

When all the pots are gone, the star is full and you go to the next level. As you get further the fractions get more difficult, and it becomes harder to fill the star. Each level also adds a new colour pot. The new colours make it more difficult to remove the pots. The highest level is level 5 and you can get a total number of 5 different colours. For each level you pass you get a trophy. When you've earned 5 trophies with every fraction, you complete the game.

Have fun with fractions and clean the ocean together with Wilson the turtle!