Fraction Diving

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In the Fraction Diving game you step into your submarine and dive deep into the ocean. On the beach there are many stories about this fractions ocean, because they say that there are many valuable treasures to be found. There is a small problem, the ocean is filled with all kinds of difficult fractions. Go on an adventure with the submarine and solve all the fractions to find the treasures.

When you start the game you first have the option to choose which fractions to practice. You can choose from different types such as: simplify fractions, equivalent fractions, adding fractions, subtracting fractions, multiplying fractions and dividing fractions. If you have chosen a skill and have tapped a level, you can go to the selection screen. In this screen you can choose a submarine and buy other submarines if you have collected enough coins.

Once you are deep in the ocean, the goal is to collect bubbles with numbers in them. When you have collected enough bubbles you will get a complete fractions problem that must be solved. Calculate the fraction and take the bubbles that together form the answer. If you have answered 8 questions correctly, you have passed the level. If you answer a fraction incorrectly, you will lose lives, but there are other ways to lose lives. There are dangerous fish that would like to stop you. Try to avoid these fish and give good answers so you don't go down.

In this game you can also collect coins that you need to buy better submarines. You can get these coins in bubbles or in rare treasures that lie on the seabed. Have fun diving and doing math!