Fractions Trainer developed exercises that you can easily use to practice maths with fractions. It's called the fractions trainer. The fractions trainer is made for quick and easy practice of all kinds of fractions on a basic level. On the main page you can choose which types of fractions you want to practice. The types of sums you can choose are equivalent fractions or simplifying, multiplying, dividing, subtracting, or adding fractions. After you've chosen which kinds of sums you want to practice, you click start and you can start your practice.

You get 10 questions about the same type of sum in the exercise, and you need to answer all the questions within a timeframe. You get 10 points for every sum and if you answer quickly, you also get a time bonus. If the answer is incorrect or you run out of time, you don't get any points. When you've answered all the questions, you can see the total number of points you've earned and you can look at your mistakes. It's really important to look at your mistakes. When you look at what you did wrong and you can learn from your mistakes, you can make sure you do better next time. When you're done with the exercise, you can go back to the main page and choose a new exercise or continue with fractions in the same topic. Good luck and have fun!